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Child Support Guidance

Child support is the payment of money to the other parent intended for the care of a child. Maryland Courts calculate child support in accordance with the Maryland Child Support Guidelines based upon a presumption that the amount shown for support in the guidelines is correct. The amount may be adjusted up or down depending on the circumstances of each individual case.

Maryland Child Support Guidelines are driven by the "actual income" of each spouse, as defined therein. Factors taken into consideration include the number of children, the time spent with each parent, contribution of health insurance, day care and other expenses.

Understanding Child Custody

There are two aspects of child custody: legal and physical custody.

  • Legal custody pertains to decisions regarding education, religion, discipline, medical care, and other matters of major significance concerning a child's life and welfare.
  • Physical custody is with the parent who provides the primary residence for the child. A court may grant sole physical custody to either parent, or may grant shared/joint physical custody.

In determining custody matters, the standard for the court is "the best interest of the child" which takes into consideration numerous factors. Whether you are dealing with custody as part of a divorce or not, we can provide you with the information and advocacy you need.

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