Protecting Your Rights In DUI And Criminal Matters

If you have been charged with drunk driving, illegal drug possession or drug distribution, you are likely concerned about the possibility of jail time, fines, points on your license, and a criminal record. As prosecutors work to build a strong case against you, it is important to take the step of obtaining qualified legal help. At the KMA Law Office, you can trust our experienced criminal defense and DUI lawyer to handle all of your criminal matters, including traffic violations and drug cases.

Working Diligently To Protect Your Rights

When you face criminal charges without experienced legal help, you face aggressive prosecutors, a confusing justice system and the real possibility of serious criminal penalties such as incarceration and the loss of driving privileges.

We can provide the legal assistance you need, and can begin by providing counsel regarding your options and the next steps in the process. We prepare you for hearings, interview witnesses, obtain and review evidence in possession of prosecutors, and work to determine whether proper legal procedures were followed during your arrest.

Our Goal Is The Reduction Or Full Dismissal Of Your Charges

Don't handle your criminal charges alone and without qualified legal help. Instead, obtain the diligent and knowledgeable help you need from a skilled criminal defense attorney in a supportive, understanding and attentive environment.

The KMA Law Office is conveniently located between Baltimore and Annapolis in Severna Park, Maryland, with ample free parking. For more information, contact us and schedule a consultation. Call today at 800-851-3301.

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