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Verbal estate planning can leave much up to chance

Though it can be difficult to consider how loved ones will live after one's passing, it can be a necessary scenario to think about. Taking the needs of family members and possible future issues into consideration could help Maryland residents through the estate planning process. Having these plans could prove invaluable when the time comes to use them.

Answering beneficiary questions when estate planning

When faced with a situation that one does not have experience with, it is understandable to have questions. It is typically smart to ask questions in uncertain scenarios to ensure that those involved know what is going on. Even with something like estate planning, Maryland beneficiaries would be wise to ensure that they understand how trusts work.

When estate planning, remember a representative payee for the SSA

When getting older, many Maryland residents have a number of matters to think about. In particular, they may want to ensure that their affairs are in order so that their families have an easier time handling events associated with a person's incapacitation or passing. While estate planning is certainly a wise step, it is important to remember that this process has many minute details to consider.

When estate planning, think about who to include

When many Maryland residents think of what they would include in their estate plans, their thoughts usually revolve around their assets and what will happen to them after their passing. However, it is also important to consider the people estate planning will affect and who will be included in the plan. In particular, individuals may want to think about their executors and beneficiaries.

When estate planning, consider power of attorney documents

Many Maryland residents consider themselves the one in charge. They may be a parent or another type of authority figure and feel comfortable making decisions in difficult situations. However, even decision-makers can need someone else to make decisions for them, which is why it is important to include a power of attorney document when estate planning.

Estate planning could help avoid adult guardianship

It is common for people to think about young children when they think about guardianships. However, some older individuals may also need guardians if they face mental decline or other issues that lead to an inability to make certain decisions for themselves. Fortunately, estate planning can help address this issue, but if Maryland residents do not plan thoroughly, they could overlook this important matter.

Planning for incapacity

There are certain topics that Maryland residents don't find to be particularly enjoyable. Understandably, thinking about and planning for incapacity isn't on top of the list for friendly conversations. No one wants to think about what would happen to them if they can't make decisions on their own, etc. but planning for this in advance is important.

Intestacy laws in Maryland

As the year comes to an end, it is a good idea for Maryland residents to either go over their estate plan or take the time to create one if they don't have it. When someone dies in Maryland without a will, intestacy laws kick in. This means their estate is distributed according to state laws, without taking into account a person's individual relationships and preferences.

The importance of an effective estate plan

Estate planning is important for everyone to do. It can provide peace of mind for both the estate planner and their loved ones so that loved ones are not wondering what to do at the end of the estate planner's life or if the estate planner becomes become incapacitated and is unable to manage their financial affairs or direct their own healthcare.


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