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A texting driver could cause a car accident in an instant

Texting while driving is a bad idea. It could have serious consequences, the least of which is being stopped by a Maryland police officer. However, despite the fact that police officers could stop a vehicle and issue a ticket and the fact that texting while driving could cause a car accident, numerous drivers continue to do it.

Distracted driving continues as a car accident risk

When Maryland residents hit the road, they usually have a destination in mind, and they typically want to get to that destination safely. Unfortunately, numerous distracted drivers also hit the road, and it is difficult to know who is paying attention and who is not. In many cases, people do not know until they are involved in a car accident caused by a distracted driver.

Truck accident claims life, injures others in Maryland

Though driving or riding in a vehicle is a common activity for most people, it can still be a nerve-wracking experience. In particular, people may feel more unsettled when they are traveling near tractor-trailers. These big rigs have a commanding presence on the roadways, and a truck accident could easily claim lives.

Car accident claims lives, leaves 1 critical

Recovering from a traumatic event can take time. If a person is seriously injured in a car accident or loses a loved one in a crash, gaining some semblance of normalcy after such an event can seem impossible at first. Though many people can find ways to move on in these circumstances, it can have life-altering effects.

Maryland car accident involving teen has difficult outcomes

Young people are often excited to get their driver's license, but if they do not commit to paying attention to the road and being safe drivers, a car accident could happen at any moment. Unfortunately, many crashes involving teens happen every year, and those incidents often have devastating outcomes. Injuries can occur and lives can be lost.

Maryland car accident leads to serious injuries, fatality

Some people may enjoy driving late at night because there are fewer vehicles on the road. However, even with less traffic, the chance still exists that a serious car accident could occur. Night-time driving presents different hazards than driving during the day, including limited visibility, so the dangers of driving are still high.

Pedestrian death again raises issue of contributory negligence

Witnesses to a traffic accident often ask who was at fault. Sometimes, the answer is clear, but in many instances, the answer can be far from clear, especially if more than one party was negligent. The recent death of a pedestrian in Severna again raises the issue of what lawyers and judges call "contributory negligence."


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