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Welders may need workers' compensation after exposure to hazards

Many Maryland residents likely think of welding workers as tough. They certainly must be to work in such difficult conditions, but it is important to recognize that being tough does not mean they are immune to injuries. In fact, they face many hazards that could lead to work-related injuries and a need for workers' compensation.

Obtaining workers' compensation benefits after a car accident

Residents of Maryland often wonder if they can receive workers' compensation benefits for injuries sustained in an auto accident. The answer to this question depends, as do most workers compensation questions, upon the circumstances of the accident.

Various risks can present the need for workers' compensation

Being hurt on the job is a scenario that no Maryland worker wants to encounter. However, every worker faces some type of risk no matter what profession he or she is in. Though some jobs may have more inherent dangers than others, some common risks span across all occupations, and anyone could end up in need of workers' compensation because of them.

Construction worker seriously injured by crane

There are many people in Maryland that work in the construction industry. Construction jobs often pay well but they are also among the most dangerous jobs a person can have. Most construction companies understand the importance of worker safety but occasionally a serious accident occurs that injures a worker.

Winter injuries for workers

The most typical worker injuries during the cold weather months include those suffered in slips, trips and falls. Although these are common worker accidents throughout the year, icy conditions make them more likely to happen in Maryland winters. However, slips and falls are not the only incidents that take place. Hypothermia, frostbite and wind burn are also likely to injure workers.

Common workplace injuries lead to workers' compensation claims

In Maryland and across the nation, workplace safety is a common topic of discussion. In certain jobs, workers are notoriously vulnerable to injuries, medical costs, lost time on the job, permanent disability and even death. Still, it is wise to remember that work injuries can happen in any kind of job. Researchers, state and federal government agencies, and lawmakers are responsible for taking steps to ensure these workers are protected. Workers' compensation benefits are critical to help these workers with their treatment and covering lost wages. One important part of workplace safety is understanding the most common reasons for injuries and safety violations that are part of the problem.

Severely injured police officers might need workers' compensation

First responders in Maryland are called to emergencies each day as part of their duties. As they head to a scene where there was an accident, they must do so in a hurry. Other vehicles that share the road with them are obligated to move to the side and let these vehicles pass. This is beneficial for everyone's safety and lets the first responders get to the site of the incident to help others. Unfortunately, there are times when drivers do not adhere to the law and ignore the sirens. If there is an accident involving first responders, they might be seriously injured and need workers' compensation benefits.

AAA employee might need workers' compensation after crash

There are many dangerous jobs in Maryland and workers can suffer severe injuries when doing them. With the medical expenses, lost wages and other problems that accompany a work injury, it is important to understand how to get the maximum in workers' compensation benefits. While any job can lead to injury, there are some like construction, law enforcement, emergency responders and tow truck drivers who are at significant risk. After an accident, it is essential to have legal help to apply for and get workers' compensation.


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