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Workers' compensation can help address hardships after accidents

Even with precautions taken, unexpected events can take place on worksites. In many cases, those events can be frightening, especially on construction or demolition sites, and some workers may not make it out unscathed. As a result, workers or their families may need to look into workers' compensation options.

Forklift injuries give rise to many workers' compensation claims

There is no shortage of safety hazards in warehouses in Maryland and elsewhere. A significant number of the material handling injuries cited in workers' compensation claims involve falling objects, fire, manual handling and slips, trips and falls. However, forklifts pose a variety of dangers, making them the primary cause of serious workplace injuries in this industry.

Veterinary professionals may need workers' compensation often

A love for animals often leads Maryland residents into the veterinary profession. Whether a person is a veterinarian, assistant or technician, being able to help sick or injured animals is often a joy. However, animals that are injured or ill are often testy, and in some cases, those trying to help could end up in need of workers' compensation if they are bitten, scratched or otherwise injured on the job.

Any worker could end up in need of workers' compensation

Many Maryland residents may worry about what would happen to their job and their family if they were injured on the job. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are not uncommon in any field because various hazards to health and safety exist. Luckily, many individuals injured on the job qualify for workers' compensation.

Accounting for workplace hazards posed by robots

Recent technological advancements have made it more common for robotic equipment to have a place in certain industries. While robotics can help streamline processes and lessen the likelihood of human error in certain scenarios, they do not entirely replace the need for human workers. As a result, it is important to consider the workplace hazards posed by robots.

Recognize hazards that could pose risks to workers' eyes

Most people consider their eyes an important part of their body. As a result, workers want to protect their eyes as much as possible while on the job. Of course, many professions pose serious hazards to eyes and eyesight, so it is smart to recognize hazards and how to prevent injuries.

Workers' compensation likely needed after crash injures worker

Construction workers can work in various types of environments, each having their own risks and hazards. Some workers may need to carry out tasks at significant heights that could put them in danger of injuries from a fall. Others may work at ground level but be at risk of being hit by passing vehicles or having objects fall on them. In any environment, construction is a risky profession that could put people in need of workers' compensation.

Welders may need workers' compensation after exposure to hazards

Many Maryland residents likely think of welding workers as tough. They certainly must be to work in such difficult conditions, but it is important to recognize that being tough does not mean they are immune to injuries. In fact, they face many hazards that could lead to work-related injuries and a need for workers' compensation.

Obtaining workers' compensation benefits after a car accident

Residents of Maryland often wonder if they can receive workers' compensation benefits for injuries sustained in an auto accident. The answer to this question depends, as do most workers compensation questions, upon the circumstances of the accident.

Various risks can present the need for workers' compensation

Being hurt on the job is a scenario that no Maryland worker wants to encounter. However, every worker faces some type of risk no matter what profession he or she is in. Though some jobs may have more inherent dangers than others, some common risks span across all occupations, and anyone could end up in need of workers' compensation because of them.


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