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Running red lights causes spike in personal injury and death

In Maryland and throughout the United States, drivers are immediately trained as to the importance of stopping at red lights. This is a fundamental aspect of being a safe and conscientious driver. With the expectation that drivers will adhere to the rules of the road, someone running a red light can be the catalyst for an auto accident with personal injury and death. In recent years, there has been a troubling rise in the number of drivers who have run a red light, leading to crashes. When there is an accident after a driver has run a red light, those who were victimized must remember their right to file a lawsuit.

Motorcyclists warned of risk of personal injury, death

In Maryland, people who ride motorcycles take great pleasure in taking to the road when the weather is warm and agreeable. Although it is an enjoyable experience, that does not diminish the dangers people face when they are on a motorcycle and placing their trust in others on the road that they will maintain proper safety procedures and be fully vigilant. When there is a motorcycle accident, the rider and any passenger can face personal injury and death.

Some demographics often drive distracted, cause personal injury

Discussions about personal injury due to distracted driving in Maryland and across the nation seem so common because the problem is exceedingly widespread. Law enforcement, legislators, auto manufacturers and technology companies are consistently seeking strategies to make the roads safer by reducing distracted driving, but the problem worsens. Researchers examine this phenomenon to help with improving safety and frequently discover surprising trends.

Personal injury due to distractions rising for older drivers

There is no denying that the Maryland roads can be dangerous for older drivers. Although experience is a positive, slowed reaction time and the aging process can place people in jeopardy of suffering and causing personal injury and fatalities in an auto accident. While there are basic concerns that have always been in place such as drivers who were under the influence, recklessness and negligence, a relatively new phenomenon is distracted driving.

Women more vulnerable to personal injury and death in car crashes

Research into auto accidents is important as it serves as a guideline for how automakers, legislators and law enforcement can make the roads safer. In many cases, there are some unusual findings as part of these research studies. To come to a full understanding on how to address these issues, it is critical to assess them in the proper context. Regardless of the accident, its circumstances and how various factors played a role in the personal injury and death of those involved, it is wise for people who were impacted to have legal advice from a qualified legal professional.

Study shows misdiagnosis a common reason for personal injury

Suffering from an illness, condition or injury in Maryland will understandably warrant a trip to the doctor or hospital to see what the problem is and how to go about treating it. Trusting medical professionals is ingrained in people from the time they are young. There is an expectation that those who are trained medical experts will know how to make an accurate diagnosis and give proper treatment. Unfortunately, medical errors are still a concern. They can cause a worsened condition, illness and death.

Study ranks local drivers worst, highlights personal injury risk

Personal injury from auto accidents is a constant danger in Maryland. Studies attempt to determine the causes of these crashes and formulate solutions to keep people safer when they are on the road. Part of this research is to specify which locations have the highest risk. This is a key factor that drivers should consider when on the road and if they have been in a crash with injuries and fatalities. It can be important when pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

Driving after smoking marijuana can cause personal injury

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Maryland is known to be a dangerous act that can cause an accident with personal injury and death. Still, people tend to categorize what it means to be "driving under the influence" and will downplay the danger of driving after smoking marijuana. A recent survey from AAA says that many people across the nation do not see driving after having used marijuana to be a major risk. When there is an accident and it is believed that a driver has been smoking marijuana, this can be a key part of a legal filing to be compensated.

Risky jobs can cause personal injury and death in Maryland

Maryland residents can suffer personal injury and death in many ways whether it is when they are out on the road as drivers or pedestrians or it is because of an accident while at work. Since these incidents are so unexpected and can be costly in an endless number of ways, those who are affected by it should remember that they have the right to seek compensation for medical costs, lost income, lost companionship, pain and suffering and more. Although it can be difficult to think about, calling for legal advice immediately is imperative to gather evidence for a potential claim. This is especially true when it is a fatal work accident.

Teen drivers enhance risk of personal injury and death in summer

The roads in Maryland and across the nation can be treacherous at any time of year, but there are certain months when that danger is exacerbated by circumstances. One such time is the summer. A significant factor in the enhanced risk is the number of teens who are on the road. Often, these crashes are because they were behaving in ways that increase the chances of an accident. It is important to know what must be done in the aftermath of these incidents.


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