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Taking Action In Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical treatments that result in serious injuries or death can be difficult cases to prosecute because medical malpractice and wrongful death can be difficult to prove.

We, at the KMA Law Office, understand medical issues. Our medical malpractice attorney has experience scrutinizing medical records, lab reports and consulting with experts in the health care field to prove these complicated cases.

Failure To Treat, Delayed Diagnosis And Misdiagnosis

Many illnesses can be cured if medical treatment is provided in a proper and timely manner. Catastrophic injuries or deaths can occur if medical treatment is not timely provided or is inappropriate.

As a medical malpractice law firm, we investigate a wide range of cases, including: failure to diagnose cancer and other medical conditions; severe birth injuries, medication errors, surgical instruments left in the body, anesthesia errors, cosmetic surgery failures/disfiguration and faulty surgical device.

Helping You Understand Your Legal Rights

Contact our medical negligence and malpractice lawyer at the KMA Law Office for a free consultation by calling 800-851-3301 or filling out our online form. You are under no obligation. We will take time to evaluate your circumstances and explain your options.

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