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Safety Tips For Commuters

Drivers who are on the road Monday through Friday traveling to and from work may be at a higher risk of an accident, as they are on the road at time where traffic is at its worst.

Four suffer personal injury after ambulance-coach bus crash

With a populous state like Maryland, there are many people on the roadways and streets. Often, these vehicles are not passenger vehicles, but are emergency vehicles and high-volume public transport. When an ambulance is rushing to a scene or taking injured people for treatment, they will have their emergency lights flashing and their sirens on. Often, other vehicles might become confused as to where the ambulance is coming from. Since, out of necessity, these vehicles will go through red lights and other traffic signals, a crash with personal injury and death is possible. For those who have been injured in an emergency vehicle-public transport accident, having legal advice is important for compensation.

Maryland fatal pedestrian personal injury incidents on the rise

When out on the road in Maryland, it is important to remain vigilant and pay attention to the surroundings. There are dangers everywhere and pedestrians are at significant risk of suffering personal injury and death in a crash. Auto accidents are also a danger. These crashes can lead to major, life-changing injuries and death. Keeping track of the statistics for auto accidents and their frequency is a wise step to improve safety. After a crash, an injured person and the family of a loved one who died should also consider whether they should file a lawsuit for compensation.

Legal help is often critical to getting workers' compensation

For Maryland workers who have been injured on the job or are suffering from an occupational illness from their work, there are many concerns that will arise. Being unable to work stokes fear of lost income and losing the job. Needing medical care, medication, surgical procedures and other treatment strategies can cost significant money. Fortunately, workers can get workers' compensation benefits to cover them while they are unable to work and getting treatment. However, there are cases where there is a dispute. Having legal assistance to get the benefits is often necessary.


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