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Comprehensive Estate Planning Guidance

Last Will and Testament
Organizing your estate can be a simple process. We at the KMA Law Office can assist you with preparing all of the necessary documents, including wills, powers of attorney and advance directives. We can also assist with estate administration after a loved one has passed. Estate planning attorney Karen M. Authement meets with clients, obtains detailed information, reviews goals for the estate planning process and discusses the best way to achieve your goals.

Ensuring Up-To-Date Plans Are In Place

Significant life events, require periodic review of your existing estate planning documents. Often, a codicil may be sufficient to update or supplement your existing documents. If any of the following changes have occurred in your life, you should review your estate plan:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Sale or acquisition of real property, a business, or other major asset
  • Death of, or change in the physical or mental condition of, a beneficiary or your personal representative
  • Major change in your financial status
  • Moving from one state to another or a change in state law that directly affects your plan of distribution and administration of your estate
  • Addition of children, grandchildren or other worthy beneficiaries.

Checklist Of Documents For Your Consultation (Include Spousal Information If Applicable)

In order to make your estate planning consultation go as efficiently and effectively as possible, we recommend that you bring any or all of the following documents:

  • Past wills and trusts for you and your spouse
  • Documents showing key debts (mortgage summary, auto liens, boat liens, etc.)
  • Documents showing terms of separation from a previous marriage
  • Documents showing assets (brokerage account summaries, promissory notes, insurance policies, retirement account statements, etc.)
  • Other documents which you suspect will have bearing on your estate planning

Let Us Help You Protect Yourself And Your Family

Our staff at the KMA Law Office will help you with preparing or modifying your will or administration of the estate of a deceased family member. Call us today at 800-851-3301 or contact our Severna Park firm online and schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyer.