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After the death of a loved one, grieving family members are facing a range of difficulties. It is hard enough to move forward without that person in your life. Emotions may run even higher as legal matters arise pertaining to the person’s estate.

When dealing with estate administration and probate, enlist the help of an established law firm. At the KMA Law Office in Severna Park, we have extensive knowledge of estate administration and the probate process in Maryland. Our estate planning and probate attorney, Karen M. Authement, is a skilled advocate for clients throughout all of the aspects of estate administration and probate.

What Is Estate Administration?

Estate administration matters are handled in probate court, a proceeding through which a will is proved to be valid and the property of the deceased is administered. The process includes collecting the deceased’s assets, paying his or her bills, paying necessary taxes, and distribution of property to his or her heirs.

Probate assets are those that are listed in the deceased person’s name only. The existence of these types of assets may complicate the probating of the estate, but the outcome may still be the same. Probate occurs whether or not the person who died had a will.

Will Contests

In some situations, there may be a challenge to the estate or the will. This may come in the form of an individual who believes that he or she has rights to some or all of the estate assets. These estate litigation matters can often be settled out of court, though our firm is prepared to argue our client’s position in front of a judge.

Avoiding Probate

It may be possible to structure your estate in a way that avoids the probate process. Through comprehensive estate planning and careful consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer, you may be able to protect your assets from being dealt with in probate court.

Helping You Through All Aspects Of Probate And Estate Administration

To further discuss your questions and concerns about estate administration, probate or other estate-related matters, call our firm today at 800-851-3301 or contact us online. You can meet with our experienced attorney during a consultation and learn more about your options for resolving the legal issues you are facing.