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Safety Tips For Commuters

Drivers who are on the road Monday through Friday traveling to and from work may be at a higher risk of an accident, as they are on the road at time where traffic is at its worst.

Most accidents occur between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., a survey says, which is also known as rush hour for individuals who work a typical “nine-to-five” job. What safety tips can commuters benefit from?

Four suffer personal injury after ambulance-coach bus crash

With a populous state like Maryland, there are many people on the roadways and streets. Often, these vehicles are not passenger vehicles, but are emergency vehicles and high-volume public transport. When an ambulance is rushing to a scene or taking injured people for treatment, they will have their emergency lights flashing and their sirens on. Often, other vehicles might become confused as to where the ambulance is coming from. Since, out of necessity, these vehicles will go through red lights and other traffic signals, a crash with personal injury and death is possible. For those who have been injured in an emergency vehicle-public transport accident, having legal advice is important for compensation.

An accident between a city ambulance and a mobility van caused four people to suffer personal injury. The accident occurred at approximately 9 a.m. The ambulance had been called to a scene at the time of the accident. It flipped over after the collision. The ambulance was heading north and the mobility van was heading south. After the vehicles collided, the driver of the van and its passenger were injured. There were two medics in the ambulance and they were also hurt. None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

Maryland fatal pedestrian personal injury incidents on the rise

When out on the road in Maryland, it is important to remain vigilant and pay attention to the surroundings. There are dangers everywhere and pedestrians are at significant risk of suffering personal injury and death in a crash. Auto accidents are also a danger. These crashes can lead to major, life-changing injuries and death. Keeping track of the statistics for auto accidents and their frequency is a wise step to improve safety. After a crash, an injured person and the family of a loved one who died should also consider whether they should file a lawsuit for compensation.

In 2018, there were 511 fatalities in auto accidents in Maryland. That was a rise of 8.5 percent from 2017. Overall, the number of fatalities had improved from 2016 in which 522 died. Transportation officials are optimistic about the improvement. However, there are concerns when anyone is killed and preventing these incidents is a goal the state is trying to achieve. The causes of the fatalities included a failure to wear seatbelts, driving while distracted or under the influence and driving at excessive speeds.

How much do you have to pay to drive?

When you purchase a vehicle, you don’t just have to figure out a financing plan. You must get proper insurance coverage and bring it in for regular maintenance.

You might think your insurance rate will be high if you are young, have an incident on your driving record or are single. In many cases, that may be the case. However, there are other things your insurance company will consider when determining how much they charge you for coverage.

Legal help is often critical to getting workers' compensation

For Maryland workers who have been injured on the job or are suffering from an occupational illness from their work, there are many concerns that will arise. Being unable to work stokes fear of lost income and losing the job. Needing medical care, medication, surgical procedures and other treatment strategies can cost significant money. Fortunately, workers can get workers' compensation benefits to cover them while they are unable to work and getting treatment. However, there are cases where there is a dispute. Having legal assistance to get the benefits is often necessary.

The employer's insurance company provides the workers' compensation benefits. While they are supposed to cover workers for what they have lost because of their injury or illness, they are also interested in controlling costs. When there is a disagreement over the amount of treatment a person needs, how long they should be off the job and other circumstances, having a legal professional to help with the case is key.

Who should you put in charge when you’re not around?

As a parent, and possibly grandparent, caring for your loved ones in the wake of your passing may inspire you to draft a will. And although it might be uncomfortable speak with your adult children about distributing your assets once you are gone, you probably want to make sure they understand your wishes and are on the same page.

Many important considerations are involved with a comprehensive estate plan. Among them, how will you choose the executor of your estate?

Even first responders need workers' compensation after accidents

Part of the duties of Maryland law enforcement is to place themselves at risk. This is a non-negotiable aspect of the job. When people willingly walk into dangerous circumstances, it is unavoidable that accidents will occur and cause injuries. Workers' compensation benefits are in place to help those who have been injured or suffered a condition because of the kind of work they do. This is especially important for law enforcement and other first responders as workers' compensation can be imperative to make ends meet as they recover after an accident.

An accident involving two motorcycle law enforcement officers sent both to the hospital with injuries. According to the investigation, the officers were taking part in a training exercise designed to prepare to be motorcycle escorts. One of the riders had an issue and was forced to hit the pavement on the bike. The other fell when attempting to avoid the first officer. The officers' injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

Pregnant woman suffers personal injury, child dies in hit-and-run

Although most drivers in Maryland adhere to the law and drive safely, there are still drivers who will operate their vehicles recklessly, speed, behave negligently, drive while distracted and get behind the wheel while under the influence. This can cause an accident with personal injury and death. These crashes are made worse when the driver decides that it is preferable to flee the scene rather than administer help to those who were hurt, call for emergency assistance and wait for law enforcement to arrive. For people who have been injured or lost a loved one in a fatal hit-and-run crash, it is wise to contact a law firm experienced in personal injury cases to determine how to proceed.

Two pedestrians were hit in a motor vehicle accident. One, a 12-year-old girl, died. A pregnant woman was injured. The driver then fled. The people were crossing the street at the time of the crash. The child was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead. The pregnant woman, 32, was hospitalized. Her injuries were reported to be life-threatening. The state of her unborn child was not known. Law enforcement is seeking the vehicle and its driver. It was said to be a Honda Accord, possibly from the early-1990s. There was damage to its passenger side. They are seeking help in finding it and the driver. The investigation is continuing.

Workers' compensation and agreeing to a compromise and settlement

In Maryland, when a worker suffers an injury, illness or condition because of the job they were doing, workers' compensation benefits are important in a variety of ways. They can provide for medical expenses and wage loss for the duration they are unable to work or permanently if they can never get back to work. Often, however, there are disagreements regarding the case. Rather than embark on an extended and costly dispute with an uncertain outcome, some workers might be better off if they consider a final compromise and settlement. Knowing the requirements to do this is a foundational aspect before agreeing.

The Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission must approve of a settlement. The agreement must have the following: the amount that is proposed to settle the case; the application or petition to approve the various fees associated with the case for legal and medical services; the dates of temporary total disability; when the payments are due to start; and a statement of the settlement and what it includes regarding previous awards and payments.

States banning texting and driving saw less personal injury cases

Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous issues in Maryland and across the nation. People who are not paying attention to the road when behind the wheel place everyone at risk. This can cause personal injury and death to pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and anyone else who has the misfortune of encountering a person who placed greater importance on checking a message on a smartphone to safety. Those who have been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one in a crash should be aware of the chance that it was due to a distracted driver and act accordingly with a legal filing for compensation.

Studies are frequently conducted to determine the scope of the problem and formulate solutions. One recently discovered that states with a ban on texting and driving significantly reduced the need for emergency room visits after a crash. In states where drivers are banned from texting and driving, there were 4 percent fewer visits to emergency rooms. In one year, that comes to more than 1,600 people who did not need such treatment.


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