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Lack of shared information can hinder effective estate planning

Estate planning is an important part of life for Maryland residents. This is true regardless of their financial situation, but it is especially true for the wealthy. Still, everyone can take a lesson from the issues that affect wealthy estate planning and apply it to their own circumstances.

One concern for the wealthy is that they have a problem with relating to loved ones how the estate will be passed along after their death. This information is critical for those who have yet to move forward with estate planning or are not sharing key information with family members.

Personal injury due to distractions rising for older drivers

There is no denying that the Maryland roads can be dangerous for older drivers. Although experience is a positive, slowed reaction time and the aging process can place people in jeopardy of suffering and causing personal injury and fatalities in an auto accident. While there are basic concerns that have always been in place such as drivers who were under the influence, recklessness and negligence, a relatively new phenomenon is distracted driving.

People have become so addicted to their devices that they are unable to stop looking at it while they drive. An underreported consideration for older people, however, is not a device. It is the technology present in new vehicles. A new study indicates that this is causing distraction for older drivers. The AAA study shows that for people 55 and older, the distractions presented by this technology are substantial. They become confused and view its demands as distracting.

Essentials to a basic estate plan

Putting together an estate plan can seem like a hassle. Maybe you have been planning to do it for a long time but just haven’t gotten around to it like 47% of Americans. It is also plausible that you believe that you do not need an estate plan because you do not think you have enough valuable stuff like 29% of Americans.

The truth is that it is better to have an estate plan regardless of how much you own because it will help your loved ones sort everything out once you have passed on.

Women more vulnerable to personal injury and death in car crashes

Research into auto accidents is important as it serves as a guideline for how automakers, legislators and law enforcement can make the roads safer. In many cases, there are some unusual findings as part of these research studies. To come to a full understanding on how to address these issues, it is critical to assess them in the proper context. Regardless of the accident, its circumstances and how various factors played a role in the personal injury and death of those involved, it is wise for people who were impacted to have legal advice from a qualified legal professional.

A new study indicates that women are more vulnerable to injuries than their male counterparts when there is an auto accident. This is true even when they are wearing seatbelts and despite improved safety in new vehicles. One researcher stated that a major issue in dealing with this problem is coming to a determination as to why this is such a problem. The researchers analyzed information spanning 1998 to 2015. Around 23,000 auto accidents were studied. All were front-end crashes. There were more than 31,000 people involved. They were all older than 13.

Study shows misdiagnosis a common reason for personal injury

Suffering from an illness, condition or injury in Maryland will understandably warrant a trip to the doctor or hospital to see what the problem is and how to go about treating it. Trusting medical professionals is ingrained in people from the time they are young. There is an expectation that those who are trained medical experts will know how to make an accurate diagnosis and give proper treatment. Unfortunately, medical errors are still a concern. They can cause a worsened condition, illness and death.

A new study indicates that there are certain issues that are more commonly misdiagnosed and cause personal injury and death to patients. If this has happened or a family believes it has happened, having legal assistance is crucial. The study from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine says that three-quarters of misdiagnoses that lead to serious damage to patients fall into three categories. Those three categories are cancers, infections and vascular events.

AAA employee might need workers' compensation after crash

There are many dangerous jobs in Maryland and workers can suffer severe injuries when doing them. With the medical expenses, lost wages and other problems that accompany a work injury, it is important to understand how to get the maximum in workers' compensation benefits. While any job can lead to injury, there are some like construction, law enforcement, emergency responders and tow truck drivers who are at significant risk. After an accident, it is essential to have legal help to apply for and get workers' compensation.

An employee for the roadside service company AAA was injured when he had stopped to help a stranded motorist and was hit by a passing vehicle. The accident occurred on the side of the road on the interstate. The man, 27, was hit by a Ford truck. The driver of the Ford, a 50-year-old man, failed to remain in his lane. It is believed that he might have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time. He did stay at the scene. The AAA worker was taken to the trauma center at the hospital and was said to have been injured seriously. The investigation is continuing.

Study ranks local drivers worst, highlights personal injury risk

Personal injury from auto accidents is a constant danger in Maryland. Studies attempt to determine the causes of these crashes and formulate solutions to keep people safer when they are on the road. Part of this research is to specify which locations have the highest risk. This is a key factor that drivers should consider when on the road and if they have been in a crash with injuries and fatalities. It can be important when pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

In a study by Allstate, drivers in Baltimore were found to be the worst in the 200 largest cities in the U.S.

Leading causes of truck accidents

Driving a truck requires an increased level of care due to how dangerous accidents can be. The size and weight of these vehicles alone have the potential to do significant damage in a crash. There is also the element of what the truck is carrying that could potentially cause even more harm. As a result, there is a requirement of attending training and receiving a special driving license to operate a truck.

Truck accidents are rarer than standard vehicle accidents. That said, these crashes still claim thousands of lives every year. While these statistics have dropped significantly in the past 20 years, truck accidents still resulted in 4,102 deaths in 2017. Understanding the most common causes for trucking accidents can help drop these statistics even further.

Driving after smoking marijuana can cause personal injury

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Maryland is known to be a dangerous act that can cause an accident with personal injury and death. Still, people tend to categorize what it means to be "driving under the influence" and will downplay the danger of driving after smoking marijuana. A recent survey from AAA says that many people across the nation do not see driving after having used marijuana to be a major risk. When there is an accident and it is believed that a driver has been smoking marijuana, this can be a key part of a legal filing to be compensated.

According to AAA, 14.8 million drivers stated they drove within an hour after smoking marijuana in the previous month. In addition, almost 70 percent do not believe they will be caught for doing so. The frequency of this behavior differed based on age and gender. There was an 8% percent greater likelihood of males getting behind the wheel after smoking marijuana than females. Regarding age groups, millennials were 14 percent more likely than other groups.

Construction worker hurt in fall might need workers' compensation

There are always a significant number of construction projects in progress throughout Maryland. While this is a boon to the economy, improves the landscape and provides jobs for construction workers, there are inherent dangers with this type of employment. Construction crews should make sure they comply with safety rules and are fully protected in case there is an accident. Even if they take all the proper precautions, accidents and injuries can happen. Injured workers who miss time on the job must be aware of the necessary steps to receive workers' compensation benefits.

A worker on a construction project to build a new headquarters for a large hotel chain was injured when he fell to the ground from a substantial height. The accident occurred in the afternoon at around noon. Emergency crews were called to help the man. He was said to have fallen several stories. When they arrived, he was conscious. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. He was said to have fallen up to 50 feet below ground level. A crane was used to lift him to the street. The investigation is continuing.


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