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Vehicle collision kills 1 worker, injures another

Automobile accidents often trigger workers' compensation claims in Maryland, but at least one of the claimants is usually in one of the vehicles involved in the collision. A recent collision involving a pickup truck and an SUV killed one worker and injured another, and neither of the workers was in either of the vehicles.

Motorcyclist dies in box truck collision

In Maryland, motorcyclists face innumerable dangers when sharing the road with passenger vehicles and trucks. Although riders are willing to face that risk and there can be serious injuries and death when there is a collision, that does not eliminate the importance of drivers keeping a close eye on motorcycles, sharing the road, yielding and making sure everyone remains as safe as possible. When there is a motorcycle accident, riders can suffer personal injury and death. When these unfortunate incidents occur, it is wise for the injured person or the family left behind to think about a legal filing for compensation.

Prepare yourself for dangerous fall and winter road conditions

Maryland is blessed with four distinct seasons. Many people enjoy the pristine white beauty of freshly fallen snow or the colorful display of trees whose leaves are getting ready to fall in autumn. However, with the glorious landscapes that fall and winter weather provides comes increased risk to people on the road.

Designating beneficiaries and estate planning commonly linked

Maryland residents will undoubtedly understand that it can be a wise decision to craft an estate plan that addresses their needs. Whether that means a will, a trust, a power of attorney or other devices that can be used when estate planning, the document can provide security and peace of mind. Still, there are concerns that should be considered. One is understanding the importance of naming beneficiaries -- also referred to as beneficiary designations -- for retirement accounts, life insurance, bank accounts and more.

Common workplace injuries lead to workers' compensation claims

In Maryland and across the nation, workplace safety is a common topic of discussion. In certain jobs, workers are notoriously vulnerable to injuries, medical costs, lost time on the job, permanent disability and even death. Still, it is wise to remember that work injuries can happen in any kind of job. Researchers, state and federal government agencies, and lawmakers are responsible for taking steps to ensure these workers are protected. Workers' compensation benefits are critical to help these workers with their treatment and covering lost wages. One important part of workplace safety is understanding the most common reasons for injuries and safety violations that are part of the problem.


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