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Obtaining workers' compensation benefits after a car accident

Residents of Maryland often wonder if they can receive workers' compensation benefits for injuries sustained in an auto accident. The answer to this question depends, as do most workers compensation questions, upon the circumstances of the accident.

Various risks can present the need for workers' compensation

Being hurt on the job is a scenario that no Maryland worker wants to encounter. However, every worker faces some type of risk no matter what profession he or she is in. Though some jobs may have more inherent dangers than others, some common risks span across all occupations, and anyone could end up in need of workers' compensation because of them.

Planning for incapacity

There are certain topics that Maryland residents don't find to be particularly enjoyable. Understandably, thinking about and planning for incapacity isn't on top of the list for friendly conversations. No one wants to think about what would happen to them if they can't make decisions on their own, etc. but planning for this in advance is important.


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