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When estate planning, remember a representative payee for the SSA

When getting older, many Maryland residents have a number of matters to think about. In particular, they may want to ensure that their affairs are in order so that their families have an easier time handling events associated with a person's incapacitation or passing. While estate planning is certainly a wise step, it is important to remember that this process has many minute details to consider.

When estate planning, think about who to include

When many Maryland residents think of what they would include in their estate plans, their thoughts usually revolve around their assets and what will happen to them after their passing. However, it is also important to consider the people estate planning will affect and who will be included in the plan. In particular, individuals may want to think about their executors and beneficiaries.

Any worker could end up in need of workers' compensation

Many Maryland residents may worry about what would happen to their job and their family if they were injured on the job. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are not uncommon in any field because various hazards to health and safety exist. Luckily, many individuals injured on the job qualify for workers' compensation.

Accounting for workplace hazards posed by robots

Recent technological advancements have made it more common for robotic equipment to have a place in certain industries. While robotics can help streamline processes and lessen the likelihood of human error in certain scenarios, they do not entirely replace the need for human workers. As a result, it is important to consider the workplace hazards posed by robots.

How to stop distracted driving

Distracted driving is the cause of a huge percentage of car accidents across the country, and, tragically, many people die each year because drivers were not focusing on the road. Due to increased attention paid to technology and the presence of phone addiction, unfortunately, the cases of distracted driving accidents continue to increase.


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