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Any worker could end up in need of workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | workers' compensation |

Many Maryland residents may worry about what would happen to their job and their family if they were injured on the job. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are not uncommon in any field because various hazards to health and safety exist. Luckily, many individuals injured on the job qualify for workers’ compensation.

Injuries can take place under a number of circumstances. Workers could suffer overexertion injuries that result from carrying, pushing, lifting, pulling or holding heavy or awkward objects. Overexertion could lead to back injuries and muscle strains that could seriously affect a worker’s ability to perform job duties. Other common accidents in the workplace include machine-related incidents, vehicle accidents, repetitive motion strain, slips, trips and falls. Any of these could cause serious harm to a worker.

When an on-the-job accident does occur, it can seem hectic and stressful. However, the most important step in handling an accident is ensuring that any injured parties receive medical attention. An employer should contact emergency personnel to come to the scene or at the very least encourage workers to obtain a medical evaluation as soon as possible if the injuries do not appear serious.

It is also important that Maryland workers understand their rights after suffering injuries on the job. Many parties may qualify for workers’ compensation, and employers have a responsibility to protect their workers with this insurance if required to do so by law. Of course, it is not always easy to obtain financial benefits after a work-related accident, so injured workers may want to gain assistance from experienced attorneys.

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