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Some demographics often drive distracted, cause personal injury

Discussions about personal injury due to distracted driving in Maryland and across the nation seem so common because the problem is exceedingly widespread. Law enforcement, legislators, auto manufacturers and technology companies are consistently seeking strategies to make the roads safer by reducing distracted driving, but the problem worsens. Researchers examine this phenomenon to help with improving safety and frequently discover surprising trends.

Severely injured police officers might need workers' compensation

First responders in Maryland are called to emergencies each day as part of their duties. As they head to a scene where there was an accident, they must do so in a hurry. Other vehicles that share the road with them are obligated to move to the side and let these vehicles pass. This is beneficial for everyone's safety and lets the first responders get to the site of the incident to help others. Unfortunately, there are times when drivers do not adhere to the law and ignore the sirens. If there is an accident involving first responders, they might be seriously injured and need workers' compensation benefits.

Lack of shared information can hinder effective estate planning

Estate planning is an important part of life for Maryland residents. This is true regardless of their financial situation, but it is especially true for the wealthy. Still, everyone can take a lesson from the issues that affect wealthy estate planning and apply it to their own circumstances.

Personal injury due to distractions rising for older drivers

There is no denying that the Maryland roads can be dangerous for older drivers. Although experience is a positive, slowed reaction time and the aging process can place people in jeopardy of suffering and causing personal injury and fatalities in an auto accident. While there are basic concerns that have always been in place such as drivers who were under the influence, recklessness and negligence, a relatively new phenomenon is distracted driving.

Essentials to a basic estate plan

Putting together an estate plan can seem like a hassle. Maybe you have been planning to do it for a long time but just haven’t gotten around to it like 47% of Americans. It is also plausible that you believe that you do not need an estate plan because you do not think you have enough valuable stuff like 29% of Americans.


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