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Personal injury due to distractions rising for older drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | personal injury |

There is no denying that the Maryland roads can be dangerous for older drivers. Although experience is a positive, slowed reaction time and the aging process can place people in jeopardy of suffering and causing personal injury and fatalities in an auto accident. While there are basic concerns that have always been in place such as drivers who were under the influence, recklessness and negligence, a relatively new phenomenon is distracted driving.

People have become so addicted to their devices that they are unable to stop looking at it while they drive. An underreported consideration for older people, however, is not a device. It is the technology present in new vehicles. A new study indicates that this is causing distraction for older drivers. The AAA study shows that for people 55 and older, the distractions presented by this technology are substantial. They become confused and view its demands as distracting.

For the study, there were people age 21 to 36 in one group and those 55 to 75 in the other. They were given a 2018 model vehicle that has many advancements in technology like voice activation and navigation screens. The drivers were asked to send a text, change the music, use the navigation system and make a phone call. For older drivers, there was a greater amount of demand in a visual and cognitive way.

Both categories were challenging and it took time to perform these tasks. Drivers are advised to use the interior technology only when it is necessary, but the same thing is often said about using a smartphone and that is roundly ignored. The position of the system – to the right of the steering wheel – is also considered a distraction and it is hard not to see it and at least put a small amount of focus on it, taking the driver’s eyes and mind from the road.

When there is an auto accident, one of the initial reactions is that it was due to a distracted driver. That is how problematic distracted driving has become. This is generally thought to be because of a smartphone, but as this study shows, the vehicle’s additions could also cause distractions. After an auto accident, medical costs and other expenses can cause severe issues in a person’s life. If there is a death, it can be even worse for the family left behind. A law firm that helps people with personal injury cases and can provide advice and help with the investigation to secure compensation in a lawsuit.

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