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February 2020 Archives

Workers' compensation likely needed after crash injures worker

Construction workers can work in various types of environments, each having their own risks and hazards. Some workers may need to carry out tasks at significant heights that could put them in danger of injuries from a fall. Others may work at ground level but be at risk of being hit by passing vehicles or having objects fall on them. In any environment, construction is a risky profession that could put people in need of workers' compensation.

Maryland car accident leads to serious injuries, fatality

Some people may enjoy driving late at night because there are fewer vehicles on the road. However, even with less traffic, the chance still exists that a serious car accident could occur. Night-time driving presents different hazards than driving during the day, including limited visibility, so the dangers of driving are still high.

Estate planning could help avoid adult guardianship

It is common for people to think about young children when they think about guardianships. However, some older individuals may also need guardians if they face mental decline or other issues that lead to an inability to make certain decisions for themselves. Fortunately, estate planning can help address this issue, but if Maryland residents do not plan thoroughly, they could overlook this important matter.

Welders may need workers' compensation after exposure to hazards

Many Maryland residents likely think of welding workers as tough. They certainly must be to work in such difficult conditions, but it is important to recognize that being tough does not mean they are immune to injuries. In fact, they face many hazards that could lead to work-related injuries and a need for workers' compensation.

What causes the majority of commercial truck crashes with cars?

Safe driving practices, including risk management, can help you reach your destination without any sort of shocking experience. However, even the safest driver still has to worry about the risk generated by other people on the road. Other drivers are a major source of concern, especially those in control of massive, potentially deadly commercial trucks.


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