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Maryland car accident leads to serious injuries, fatality

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | personal injury |

Some people may enjoy driving late at night because there are fewer vehicles on the road. However, even with less traffic, the chance still exists that a serious car accident could occur. Night-time driving presents different hazards than driving during the day, including limited visibility, so the dangers of driving are still high.

It was recently reported that a late-night accident in Maryland resulted in multiple injuries and one fatality. The incident involved two vehicles and occurred when a northbound vehicle attempted to make a left turn and collided with a southbound vehicle. The collision caused the southbound vehicle to travel off of the roadway and hit a carport attached to an unoccupied home. That vehicle caught fire, and firefighters responded to the scene. The fire did not reach the home itself.

There were four individuals in the southbound vehicle, two of whom were teenagers. All four occupants suffered serious injuries and were transported from the scene to the hospital, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening. The driver of the turning vehicle was reported as being 51 years old, and that individual suffered fatal injuries in the accident.

Serious injuries can affect people’s lives for years to come. As a result, if the driver of the turning vehicle is considered at fault for the car accident, the injured parties may have reason to seek compensation for their injuries and other damages permitted under Maryland law. Though the other driver was killed in the accident, claims could still be made against that individual’s estate.

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