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June 2020 Archives

Workers' compensation can help address hardships after accidents

Even with precautions taken, unexpected events can take place on worksites. In many cases, those events can be frightening, especially on construction or demolition sites, and some workers may not make it out unscathed. As a result, workers or their families may need to look into workers' compensation options.

A texting driver could cause a car accident in an instant

Texting while driving is a bad idea. It could have serious consequences, the least of which is being stopped by a Maryland police officer. However, despite the fact that police officers could stop a vehicle and issue a ticket and the fact that texting while driving could cause a car accident, numerous drivers continue to do it.

Verbal estate planning can leave much up to chance

Though it can be difficult to consider how loved ones will live after one's passing, it can be a necessary scenario to think about. Taking the needs of family members and possible future issues into consideration could help Maryland residents through the estate planning process. Having these plans could prove invaluable when the time comes to use them.

Forklift injuries give rise to many workers' compensation claims

There is no shortage of safety hazards in warehouses in Maryland and elsewhere. A significant number of the material handling injuries cited in workers' compensation claims involve falling objects, fire, manual handling and slips, trips and falls. However, forklifts pose a variety of dangers, making them the primary cause of serious workplace injuries in this industry.


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