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May 2020 Archives

Distracted driving continues as a car accident risk

When Maryland residents hit the road, they usually have a destination in mind, and they typically want to get to that destination safely. Unfortunately, numerous distracted drivers also hit the road, and it is difficult to know who is paying attention and who is not. In many cases, people do not know until they are involved in a car accident caused by a distracted driver.

Family may struggle after loved one fatally injured on the job

Any job can come with risks. Even if Maryland residents are comfortable with the jobs that they perform, any slip-up could have serious and lasting consequences. Unfortunately, many workers end up seriously or even fatally injured on the job, and questions may need to be answered.

Answering beneficiary questions when estate planning

When faced with a situation that one does not have experience with, it is understandable to have questions. It is typically smart to ask questions in uncertain scenarios to ensure that those involved know what is going on. Even with something like estate planning, Maryland beneficiaries would be wise to ensure that they understand how trusts work.

Truck accident claims life, injures others in Maryland

Though driving or riding in a vehicle is a common activity for most people, it can still be a nerve-wracking experience. In particular, people may feel more unsettled when they are traveling near tractor-trailers. These big rigs have a commanding presence on the roadways, and a truck accident could easily claim lives.

Veterinary professionals may need workers' compensation often

A love for animals often leads Maryland residents into the veterinary profession. Whether a person is a veterinarian, assistant or technician, being able to help sick or injured animals is often a joy. However, animals that are injured or ill are often testy, and in some cases, those trying to help could end up in need of workers' compensation if they are bitten, scratched or otherwise injured on the job.

How to prevent car accidents during rush hour

Driving to and from work during rush hour can be some of the most stressful aspects of many people's days. The build-up of traffic on major highways can result in road rage, frustration and complex traffic situations. This can lead to potentially dangerous circumstances that sometimes lead to crashes.


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