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Family may struggle after loved one fatally injured on the job

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | firm news |

Any job can come with risks. Even if Maryland residents are comfortable with the jobs that they perform, any slip-up could have serious and lasting consequences. Unfortunately, many workers end up seriously or even fatally injured on the job, and questions may need to be answered.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state lost his life while performing work-related duties. The 20-year-old man was reportedly working to clear land, and a backhoe was being utilized by the crew during this task. The young man was riding on the side of the backhoe when he slipped and fell. Unfortunately, the fall resulted in the man landing under the tire of the machine, which presumably ran over him.

The incident caused the man to suffer fatal injuries. Further details regarding the event were not given in the report, and it was noted that an investigation was still underway. It was not mentioned that any other workers were injured in the event. More information may become available at a later time once investigations conclude.

The family of this young man will undoubtedly feel immense grief and face various struggles in the aftermath of this fatal incident. Being injured on the job can have different outcomes depending on the circumstances, but fatalities can leave families in a harrowing position. Because financial hardships are not unlikely, Maryland families who are facing similar circumstances may want to take the time to understand whether they may qualify for survivors’ benefits under workers’ compensation to help with resulting financial difficulties.

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