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Accidents caused by fatigued drivers common post-daylight saving

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | personal injury |

For people in Maryland who are unhappy about Daylight Saving Time, the aftereffects are generally perceived to be little more than irritating. Some think the benefits outweigh the negatives, as there will be an extra hour of daylight. However, research indicates that there are legitimate dangers from the time change and it is important to think about that when heading out on the road. Fatigued driving is a concern, which can result in accidents with personal injury and death.

Since moving the clocks forward means that people will still be on the same sleep schedule, they might be on the road while they are still fatigued from not getting the same amount of sleep as they were before. This information comes from a AAA study of drowsy driving and its connection to Daylight Saving Time. According to the research, an estimated 10 percent of accidents are caused by drowsy driving.

Another worry is the change to the landscape when driving. There could be less light when a person heads out on the road, and they will not immediately be accustomed to it. The mornings are especially troublesome in this regard. The different location of the sun could create glare and leave a driver unable to see clearly. If drivers do not get sufficient sleep, they can have the same limited reaction time and impaired judgment as drivers under the influence.

Drowsy driving is a substantial danger and those who have been in a crash should consider the possibility that the accident was due to a drowsy driver. With medical costs, lost time on the job and other negative factors that come about after personal injury in a crash, having legal advice is critical. A lawyer experienced in motor vehicle accidents can help with a claim.

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