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Construction worker hurt in fall might need workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | workers' compensation |

There are always a significant number of construction projects in progress throughout Maryland. While this is a boon to the economy, improves the landscape and provides jobs for construction workers, there are inherent dangers with this type of employment. Construction crews should make sure they comply with safety rules and are fully protected in case there is an accident. Even if they take all the proper precautions, accidents and injuries can happen. Injured workers who miss time on the job must be aware of the necessary steps to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

A worker on a construction project to build a new headquarters for a large hotel chain was injured when he fell to the ground from a substantial height. The accident occurred in the afternoon at around noon. Emergency crews were called to help the man. He was said to have fallen several stories. When they arrived, he was conscious. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. He was said to have fallen up to 50 feet below ground level. A crane was used to lift him to the street. The investigation is continuing.

When people are injured on the job, there are many concerns that will arise. Included are lost wages, medical costs and how they will handle the future. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to those who were hurt, but it is imperative to understand how to maximize them. In some cases, there is a dispute as to whether a worker should even get them at all. Such issues as whether the injury renders the person temporarily unable to work or permanently unable to work and how much medical treatment is needed will frequently arise. Having legal assistance is crucial to get the benefits the worker is entitled to for the duration that it is needed.

Construction work is inherently treacherous and injuries can happen in myriad ways. Large tools, heavy equipment and being stationed at great heights puts people at risk of injuries and death on the job. After an incident has led to a worker being hospitalized, having legal guidance is key to getting workers’ compensation benefits. Calling a law firm experienced in these cases is the first step.

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