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What workers’ compensation benefits can I get for a hernia?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | workers' compensation |

Maryland workers might think workers’ compensation benefits are limited to injuries where they have broken bones, head injuries, back injuries and worse. However, any injury, condition or illness that limits the person’s ability to do his or her job and came about because of the work they were doing can warrant workers’ compensation benefits. The amount of benefits the worker receives will vary, but some level of workers’ comp can be provided in many instances. One such injury is a hernia. For people suffering from this issue, it is wise to understand the requirements to get benefits.

To get workers’ compensation for a hernia, the person must have an inguinal, femoral or other type of hernia. It must be because of an injury suffered on the job and was not in place before the work incident occurred. However, if it was there before, it must have been aggravated or worsened in other ways that surgery is needed. The employer must be informed of the injury or strain within 30 days of it occurring.

If the worker has a hernia that is eligible for workers’ compensation and has surgery, workers’ compensation will cover lost time on the job. When lost time is computed, if there is a delay in a hearing, it will not be considered lost time if it happened because the employee requested it or it was the employee’s fault.

In some cases, the worker will have a special examination to indicate if the worker had a hernia that was compensable, had surgery and became disabled, the employee will be paid based on the level of disability – permanent partial, permanent total or temporary total. If the worker dies because of the surgery, there can be death benefits.

Hernias are generally believed to be associated with heavy lifting, but people in any kind of job can suffer a hernia. Because it can be painful and debilitating, surgery is frequently needed to repair it. For workers who need the surgery and will be off the job, it is important to understand the steps to get workers’ compensation to receive payment for time off the job and how workers’ compensation covers them for issues related to the hernia. A law firm that understands all aspects of Maryland workers’ compensation should be contacted for advice regarding these issues.

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