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Study ranks local drivers worst, highlights personal injury risk

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2019 | personal injury |

Personal injury from auto accidents is a constant danger in Maryland. Studies attempt to determine the causes of these crashes and formulate solutions to keep people safer when they are on the road. Part of this research is to specify which locations have the highest risk. This is a key factor that drivers should consider when on the road and if they have been in a crash with injuries and fatalities. It can be important when pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

In a study by Allstate, drivers in Baltimore were found to be the worst in the 200 largest cities in the U.S.

The research bases its rankings on how many claims there are in each city per driver. An app is used to monitor how drivers are behaving behind the wheel. Baltimore was second worst two years ago. The study also accounts for how many people live in the area and levels of precipitation.

In Baltimore, there was a gap of 4.2 years between claims. On average, the number overall is one every 10 years. In addition, there were 30.6 incidents in which drivers hit the brakes hard for every 1,000 miles. This too is higher than the average across the nation which is 19 for every 1,000 miles. In the last 10 years, Baltimore was consistently in the 10 worst cities.

When there is an auto accident, it is easy to chalk it up to circumstances and ignore ancillary factors that might be important. As this study shows, drivers in specific areas are at greater risk for being hurt and losing loved ones in an auto accident. With personal injury will be medical expenses, lost wages and the possibility of long-term damage. If there is a fatality, the family will face a litany of issues that must be dealt with.

Seeking compensation in a legal filing is frequently the only way to get a fair settlement or judgment in a lawsuit. A law firm experienced in personal injury and auto accidents will understand the importance of various studies and can help with a claim.

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