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Women more vulnerable to personal injury and death in car crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | personal injury |

Research into auto accidents is important as it serves as a guideline for how automakers, legislators and law enforcement can make the roads safer. In many cases, there are some unusual findings as part of these research studies. To come to a full understanding on how to address these issues, it is critical to assess them in the proper context. Regardless of the accident, its circumstances and how various factors played a role in the personal injury and death of those involved, it is wise for people who were impacted to have legal advice from a qualified legal professional.

A new study indicates that women are more vulnerable to injuries than their male counterparts when there is an auto accident. This is true even when they are wearing seatbelts and despite improved safety in new vehicles. One researcher stated that a major issue in dealing with this problem is coming to a determination as to why this is such a problem. The researchers analyzed information spanning 1998 to 2015. Around 23,000 auto accidents were studied. All were front-end crashes. There were more than 31,000 people involved. They were all older than 13.

With these accidents, the drivers and their passengers wore their seatbelts. There was nearly an equal number of males and females. Seatbelt use and improved vehicle technology has made driving and riding in vehicles safer than ever. There are fewer overall injuries than there were in the past. However, women were still found to have a greater number of injuries than men while they wear a seatbelt in a front-end crash. When these crashes occur, there is a 73 percent greater chance of women to be hurt than men. They most frequently suffered injuries to ankles, legs and hips. It is unclear as to why this is the case.

People are constantly told they should wear a seatbelt to be completely safe when in a vehicle. This research does not say that wearing a seatbelt is unwise, but it shows that, despite seatbelt use, people – especially women – can still suffer personal injury and death when there is a front-end collision. After an accident, it is critical to understand the cause and other factors involved. Medical costs, lost wages, long-term physical problems and even death can occur. For help with a legal filing, calling a personal injury law firm is essential.

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