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Motorcyclists warned of risk of personal injury, death

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | personal injury |

In Maryland, people who ride motorcycles take great pleasure in taking to the road when the weather is warm and agreeable. Although it is an enjoyable experience, that does not diminish the dangers people face when they are on a motorcycle and placing their trust in others on the road that they will maintain proper safety procedures and be fully vigilant. When there is a motorcycle accident, the rider and any passenger can face personal injury and death.

A warning was issued by Maryland State Police entreating people who ride motorcycles and share the road with riders to think about safety. In the past month, there were six fatalities involving motorcyclists in the state. The accidents and the circumstances in which they happened provide insight into what motorcycle riders and drivers of passenger vehicles should be cognizant.

In late July, a man, 61, was killed when he had a motorcycle crash on I-695. During the first week in August, there was a motorcycle fatality when the rider lost control of his bike. The next day, a 26-year-old rider was killed in a collision with a vehicle when the driver of the vehicle tried to turn left and went into the rider’s path — this is a common way in which motorcyclists are injured and killed. The Maryland Department of Transportation says that motorcycle accidents account for an average of 1,400 injuries and 70 deaths each year. Common causes include DUI and drivers behaving aggressively.

Strategies to avoid crashes include adhering to the speed limit, wearing the proper protective clothing, wearing a helmet, drivers of passenger vehicles understanding that they are required to yield to motorcyclists and being cautious when close to a rider. Regardless of the attention being paid to motorcycle accidents and the damage they can cause, the fundamental reality is that these crashes will continue to happen.

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