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Maryland car accident involving teen has difficult outcomes

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | personal injury |

Young people are often excited to get their driver’s license, but if they do not commit to paying attention to the road and being safe drivers, a car accident could happen at any moment. Unfortunately, many crashes involving teens happen every year, and those incidents often have devastating outcomes. Injuries can occur and lives can be lost.

It was recently reported that a two-vehicle accident in Maryland involved a 17-year-old driver and a 48-year-old driver. Apparently, the teen was heading east when, for unknown reasons, his vehicle failed to maintain the correct lane and crossed over into the opposite lane of travel. As a result, his vehicle was hit by an SUV traveling west.

The incident resulted in the teen suffering fatal injuries. The other driver was transported from the scene to an area trauma center for treatment of injuries. It was noted that her injuries were not considered life-threatening. The crash is likely still under investigation, and information regarding what factors may have contributed to the crash could be released at a later time.

car accident is an immensely complicated event. Authorities need to investigate what happened, sometimes consider whether charges are warranted and handle numerous other details of such an incident. Of course, crashes are also complicated for those who were injured, and though the other driver was killed in this crash, the surviving driver may still want to consider her options for seeking compensation for damages. A personal injury claim filed against that driver’s estate may allow her to pursue monetary recompense for hardships stemming from the Maryland crash.

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