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Recognize hazards that could pose risks to workers’ eyes

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | workers' compensation |

Most people consider their eyes an important part of their body. As a result, workers want to protect their eyes as much as possible while on the job. Of course, many professions pose serious hazards to eyes and eyesight, so it is smart to recognize hazards and how to prevent injuries.

One way that Maryland workers can understand possible hazards is by assessing their work environment. Individuals who work with machinery or tools, chemicals, shards of glass, metal shavings, splinters, or other objects that could become airborne or slip and strike someone in the eye face serious hazards. Even if individuals have worked in the same occupation for years, it is important to remember that an injury could befall anyone at any time, no matter how many years of experience they have.

It is also vital to use proper protective eyewear. Safety glasses with side shields can help prevent injuries from flying objects or particles, and goggles can help prevent chemicals from getting in the eyes. Additionally, face shields or helmets can protect the eyes (and faces) of individuals who work in welding or with lasers or fiber optics.

Unfortunately, even if Maryland workers do their best to recognize hazards and protect themselves against them, accidents can still happen. If individuals suffer eye-related injuries while on the job, they could face significant hardships as a result. It may be in the best interests of injured workers to consider their workers’ compensation options and seek help with filing their claims to better ensure their chances of receiving financial benefits.

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