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Know how to address workers’ compensation requirements

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | workers' compensation |

Workplace injuries happen all the time. They often leave workers with the need for extensive medical care and some sort of compensation to recoup their lost wages. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can provide this financial relief, but only to those who qualify. Since there are certain requirements that have to be met, you’ll want to make sure that you know how to present evidence that demonstrates that you meet all of them.

Maryland’s worker compensation requirements

To succeed on your workers’ compensation claim, you’ll need to prove several things. Perhaps the most obvious is that you are an employee who is covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. That might be easy enough to show through employment records and pay stubs, but there are two other requirements that might be a little tougher.

  • The injury arises out of employment: This requirement forces you to show that your injury was suffered or exacerbated by the dangerous conditions of your job. The “danger” aspect of your profession may vary compared to other occupations. For example, the danger faced by a warehouse worker is not the same as those faced by a police officer. However, they both have dangerous aspects to their jobs. So, to meet this requirement you’ll want to look at the job duties your profession requires and the conditions under which they are undertaken.
  • The injury arises in the course of employment: This is a similar, though, slightly different determination. Here, a close look will be taken at where and when the injury occurred, rather than what duties and exposure that led tot the injuries. So, you’ll need to be prepared with evidence that shows that you were at your place of employment and on the clock when you were hurt.

Don’t leave your workers’ compensation claim to chance

When it comes to workers’ compensation, there’s too much at stake to just submit your claim and hope for the best. You need a strategy that protects your interests and your financial future. This is where the assistance of an experienced attorney can come in. He or she can help you gather and persuasively present evidence that addresses the issues discussed above as well as other workers’ compensation issues.

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