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Car crashes into Baltimore restaurant, kills customer

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | personal injury |

Shopping center parking lots Maryland and elsewhere can be surprisingly dangerous. Vehicles are moving, and their drivers have less than unimpeded vision. The situation is worsened by the presence of pedestrians who are hurrying to and from the businesses in the center. Minor collisions under these circumstances are very common. However, the possibility of a serious accident that causes serious injury or even death is rarely given much thought. Contrary to commonplace expectations, however, a car smashed into a crab shop in Baltimore and killed a customer. The possible causes are puzzling Baltimore County Police.

The accident

According to preliminary police reports, a woman was in the crab shop making a purchase. Without warning, an automobile crashed through the front window of the shop. The customer was killed by flying debris and died at the scene, according to a spokeswoman for the Baltimore County Police.

Neither the driver of the car nor her passenger was injured. Police said that they believed that the incident was accidental, although no one offered any alternative explanations. Police officers were in the vicinity and attempted to help the victim, but their efforts were unavailing.

Is anyone liable for damages?

Police said that a post-accident investigation will take about one month. At that point, a cause for the accident should be established. The officer’s tentative conclusion that the incident was accidental will most likely put to bed any concerns that the woman’s death may have involved criminal behavior, but what about the family of the victim?

The deceased woman was reported to be the owner of a wholesale seafood business and a bartender at a nearby tavern. No reports have identified any survivors. However, a link shows that the woman appears young enough to have siblings and living parents. She may have a spouse and children.

More importantly, eliminating criminal liability does not rule out civil liability. The driver of the car may have been negligent in accelerating instead of braking. The car may have been mechanically defective. Anyone who has lost a loved one under similar circumstance may wish to explore a claim for wrongful death damages. A knowledgeable accident attorney can provide valuable assistance by evaluating the evidence, conducting additional research into the cause of the incident, and providing an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages for a wrongful death.


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