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Avoid negligent drivers on weather-affected roads

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | personal injury |

Driving through the DC-metro area on the sunniest of days can be challenging. The glut of traffic that clogs highways and interstates in and around Ann Arundel County can be overwhelming, and negligent and reckless drivers pose dangers to everyone who must be on the roads with them. When winter weather is added to the mix, the results can be downright treacherous.

Good drivers can take proactive steps to avoid accidents with irresponsible motorists, but not even the best driver can prevent all weather-related crashes. This post will explore actions that all drivers can take to stay safe when snow, ice, and sleet impact Maryland roads. Though it offers no legal advice, this post also discusses what victims of motor vehicle accidents can do when they are harmed by dangerous winter drivers.

Safe driving practices during the winter

Staying safe while driving during the winter often involves a lot of planning. A driver should be sure that their vehicle is ready for the elements with plenty of gas, wiper fluid, and even safe tires for maintaining control on slippery roadways. The driver should leave with plenty of time so that they do not need to speed or drive erratically to get to their destination in time. They should be prepared to look out for other drivers who are not making good choices about staying safe and whose actions pose dangers to others.

Driving in winter can require drivers to account for greater stopping distances and less visibility due to precipitation. By being aware of conditions and preparing to work with them, drivers can help keep themselves and other safe on the roads.

Dealing with the aftermath of a winter accident

It is a sad fact that not all drivers value their safety and that of other motorists. It is not uncommon to see drivers tailgating, speeding, and weaving through traffic when weather conditions are dangerous. These drivers fail to act reasonably given their circumstances and may be found to have acted negligently if they cause accidents and harm to others.

When a winter accident happens, a victim should know that they may have legal rights. They can speak with personal injury attorneys to learn more about their claims. They may have options to seek damages to cover their accident-related costs and get themselves back on their feet.


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