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Fatal motor vehicle accidents rose in 2020 even with less traffic

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | personal injury |

In Maryland and throughout the United States, people have been forced to adapt to current events in various ways. Given the necessary adjustments in the way people work, children go to school and with leisure activities, life has been radically different. Because fewer people were leaving their homes, there was less traffic on the road. Instinctively, this might foster the belief that the roads would be safer. However, statistics say otherwise. Given the known dangers on the road and that many have been exacerbated during this situation, people should understand the risks and try to adjust for safety. When there is an accident, they should also be aware of their rights.

Maryland road fatality rates rose despite traffic reduction

Even though there were fewer vehicles on the road because of the environment, the Maryland Department of Transportation says there were 6.4% more fatalities in auto accidents than the year before with a total of 569. There were also more bicyclist and pedestrian deaths in 2020. This happened despite a reduction in overall accidents and in people who suffered serious injuries but survived. This suggests that the severity of the collisions was worse. The number of road deaths was the highest it has been since 2008.

Traffic volume dropped by more than half when the movement restrictions went into effect in April 2020. Representatives from the MDOT say that people should exercise greater caution behind the wheel and avoid driving at excessive speeds, not drink or use drugs before driving, avoid distractions and wear their seatbelts. Legislators, law enforcement and the MDOT are trying to emphasize the importance of safety and penalize drivers for violations, but the numbers are worrisome even as daily life slowly returns to normal.

Experienced help may be needed after motor vehicle accidents

Regardless of the circumstances of motor vehicle accidents, there are certain fundamental problems that people may face in the aftermath. If those involved in an accident are fortunate enough to survive, there may be exorbitant medical expenses, lost wages, the possibility of never returning to the same condition as before the collision and other challenges. When there is a fatality, those who are left behind may not know what their options are. Gathering evidence of the accident is essential. It is also wise to be wary of insurance companies as they may try to make a settlement offer to avoid a massive payout. From the start, having experienced guidance can be crucial. A consultation with qualified professionals can provide help from the start.


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