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What can I recover from my personal injury case?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | personal injury |

The losses that you suffer in a car accident can leave you reeling. You might struggle to figure out how to pay for your medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, let alone put food on the table, pay your rent or mortgage, and buy a new car. But as stressful as the aftermath of your car accident may be, you should take comfort knowing that you may have the opportunity to recover your losses through a personal injury lawsuit.

What can you recover from your claim?

In short, if you succeed on your claim then you’ll be able to recover economic and noneconomic losses. Economic losses are those that directly impact your bank account, like lost wages and medical bills. Noneconomic damages are those that affect your ability to live a normal life, such as pain and suffering.

But how do you prove damages?

Proving damages can be challenging. Although proving incurred economic damages may be as simple as presenting documentation that shows the losses, you’ll also want to present evidence of your anticipated economic losses, which may require you to have an expert witness testify on your behalf about the extent of your injuries and your need for future treatment.

When it comes to noneconomic damages, you may want to keep a journal that paints a picture of how your injuries have changed your life. Witnesses can also testify as to how your accident injuries have reshaped your life.

How much can you recover?

The answer to this question really depends on the circumstances of your case. So, to get a fair assessment of the value of your case, you’ll want to discuss your circumstances with an experienced attorney of your choosing.

How an attorney can help

Presenting the evidence needed to prove liability and the extent of your damages may seem straightforward, but it can actually be a tricky endeavor complicated by evidentiary and other legal issues. That’s why it’s probably wise to seek out help from an experienced legal professional if you’re in the process of figuring how best to approach your personal injury claim.


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