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Helping you secure benefits following a work injury or illness

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | workers' compensation |

You go to work to make a living; however, your job caused you to suffer an injury, greatly impacting your income and the ability to pay for medical bills. This is a difficult situation for you and your family to be in.

It is an overwhelming time, as you focus on healing and figuring out how to address your growing bills. This is when filing for workers’ compensation benefits could change your situation for the better.

Filing for workers’ compensation

Following a workplace incident, filing for workers’ compensation is likely not your first thought. However, the attorneys at KMA Law Office know that it will come up in the hours and days following the work-related injury or illness. Our law firm is equipped with experienced attorneys, ready to help you secure the benefits you are entitled to.

There are many working parts in this process, and a workers’ compensation filing requires various forms and evidence. By designating what is needed and preparing our clients for each step of the process, our law firm guides clients through the claims process and any issues that arise. This includes a denial.

Appealing a denial

A denial is tough to process and accept; however, in this situation, a denial of your work injury claim is not the end of the road for you. You can appeal the decision, providing any necessary proof and evidence to help with the approval.

Not only does the workers’ compensation process help employees recover benefits for a workplace injury or illness, but it also ensures that any and all issues arising from the matter are addressed. Are you disabled? Dealing with ongoing medical treatment? Gaining legal insight on your matter is an important step, as it aids you in protecting your rights and interests.

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