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Is driving on Highway 2 dangerous?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | personal injury |

If you drive to work on Highway 2, you know it can get congested at just about any time of the day. Naturally, you know this is not a safe situation.

Busy and dangerous

Highway 2 is one of the busiest and most dangerous roads in Maryland. It connects several major cities and towns, as well as many residential and commercial areas, including northern Anne Arundel County and the D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis suburbs. It also has a high volume of traffic, especially during rush hours and weekends.

Car accident data

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, Highway 2 had an average daily traffic of 38,000 vehicles in 2019, some of which are fatal. According to the Maryland Crash Data from MDOT, there were 1,017 crashes on Highway 2 in 2020, resulting in 11 fatalities and 381 injuries.

What about April and May?

Of these 1,017 crashes on Highway 2, 215 occurred in April and May. This accounts for 21% of the total crashes in that year. These two months also saw four fatalities and 88 injuries on Highway 2.

What causes car crashes?

Some of the common causes of car accidents on Highway 2 are speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, aggressive driving and poor weather conditions. This means that, while you can do your part, you cannot control other drivers’ negligence.

The takeaway

Highway 2 is an important road for Maryland residents and visitors alike. It provides access to many destinations and opportunities. However, it also poses many risks and challenges for drivers. By following the rules of the road and being alert and responsible behind the wheel, drivers can help prevent car accidents on Highway 2 and make it a safer place for everyone.

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