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Risky jobs can cause personal injury and death in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | personal injury |

Maryland residents can suffer personal injury and death in many ways whether it is when they are out on the road as drivers or pedestrians or it is because of an accident while at work. Since these incidents are so unexpected and can be costly in an endless number of ways, those who are affected by it should remember that they have the right to seek compensation for medical costs, lost income, lost companionship, pain and suffering and more. Although it can be difficult to think about, calling for legal advice immediately is imperative to gather evidence for a potential claim. This is especially true when it is a fatal work accident.

A longtime worker at the Department of Public Works in Baltimore died when she fell off a catwalk and into a churning vat of water. The woman had worked in the public sector for two decades and has been at this treatment plant for three years as a supervisor. According to the investigation, she was on a catwalk over the vat when she fell. It is believed that a bridge collapsed and caused her to fall. She was later found a distance away and had died. A grate on the catwalk had been removed and there were tools nearby, giving the impression that there were repairs being done. The investigation is continuing.

A fatal workplace accident will always be unexpected regardless of the kind of work a person does. When the accident apparently occurs because of a failure to make certain the proper safety precautions were in place and a worker died because of it, it is the foundation for a legal filing for compensation. Even longtime workers who are experienced in what they do are vulnerable to accidents and fatalities due to the negligence of others. Funeral costs, lost income, lost companionship and more must all be considered after a workplace fatality. Garnering evidence is critical to a case and the family must consult with an attorney to make certain they are fully protected.

A longtime public worker died when she apparently fell off a catwalk and into a vat of water at a waste treatment plant. Despite first responders’ best efforts, she could not be found in time to save her. A full investigation is underway, but that should not prevent her family from having an investigation of their own with help from a law firm that is experienced in personal injury and wrongful death. This is imperative to filing a lawsuit to be compensated.

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