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Are interstates more or less dangerous than other roads?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | personal injury |

Interstates have higher speed limits than local roads, and we know there is a link between speed, accidents, injuries and the likelihood of a fatality in the accident. All of this suggests that the interstate is the most dangerous place to drive. But is that true?

Driving instructors note that most new drivers share this fear. They do not want to go on the interstate because the high speeds make them nervous. They think they are in more danger. 

The stats, however, tell a different story. They show lower fatal accident rates on highways than on local roads. Is the interstate actually safer?

It is, and there are numerous reasons. They include:

  • Traffic is moving in the same direction
  • There are few unexpected stops, turns or other events
  • There are no lights
  • Traffic coming onto the road is controlled
  • Traffic exiting the road is controlled

This is a safer way to drive. That’s not to say that speed isn’t dangerous, but, under these highly-controlled conditions, it’s safer to drive a bit faster. You actually face greater risks on local roads where cars enter and exit at will, stop signs are common, traffic moves in multiple directions and there are more chances for other drivers to make mistakes. Since the crash odds are so much higher, so are the risks, even though these crashes tend to happen at far slower speeds than those that take place on the highway. 

No matter where a crash happens, you definitely need to know what rights you have to financial compensation if you are injured. An experienced advocate can help you better understand the steps to take next. 


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