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Watch out for trucks during winter weather

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | firm news |

Most people do not like driving in winter weather. Snowy, slushy and icy roads cause drivers stress and often lead to dangerous accidents.

The presence of large trucks on Maryland’s busy roads can increase your anxiety as you drive in wither weather. If the weather conditions are bad enough, truckers should be pulling off the road to a truck stop to safely wait out the storm.

However, truckers have deadlines that they do not want to miss. Therefore, the reality is that there will most likely be all types of vehicles on the snowy roads, including large trucks.

Statistics show that more accidents occur in the winter

This leads to an increase in accidents. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 24% of weather-related motor vehicle accidents happen on snowy, icy or slushy roads every year.

Additionally, over 1,300 deaths and over 116,000 injuries occur on snowy, icy or slushy roads each year.

Lower your risk of an accident

You can reduce your chance of a truck accident during the winter by giving them as much room as possible on the road.

Do not drive too closely behind them, and if they drive too closely behind you, slow down and let them go around you. In some cases, you may want to pull off the road and let them pass.

Winter driving for truckers

Truckers who remain on the road in winter weather should be driving slowly and not driving around other trucks on the road. Traffic on busy roads often moves in packs, and truckers should be avoiding getting into one of these packs.

When truckers fail to follow these rules, they are engaging in negligent driving. When that negligence causes a car accident that results in damages, you could receive compensation through a personal injury action.

You must prove negligence and the amount of compensation you are seeking. This may be a challenge, so it is important to talk strategy with a personal injury attorney.

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