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Injury rates are high in distracted driving-related crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | truck accidents |

Distracted driving contributes to the staggering rates of injuries in car accidents. Understanding the factors that lead to these high injury rates helps transportation and safety officials devise effective strategies for prevention.

Several interconnected reasons shed light on why crashes involving distracted driving often result in severe injuries.

Delayed reaction times

A key factor attributing to the elevated injury rates in distracted driving incidents is the compromised ability of drivers to react promptly. The diversion of attention translates to delayed responses when something unexpected happens.

Reduced situational awareness

Distracted drivers have reduced situational awareness. Situational awareness is an important aspect of safe driving. Failing to perceive and comprehend the environment around them, these drivers struggle to anticipate and respond to hazards. The consequence is an increased likelihood of accidents.

Severity of collisions

In crashes linked to distracted driving, collisions tend to be more severe. A distracted driver may neglect to apply brakes or undertake evasive maneuvers. This can lead to higher-impact collisions.

Inadequate attention

Distracted drivers often exhibit inadequate attention to fundamental driving practices. These lapses increase the probability of collisions. They also contribute to the severity of injuries sustained by those in them.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration reports that almost four out of every five distracted driving-related crashes in Maryland lead to injuries. Addressing the factors that contribute to high injury rates in distracted driving crashes helps cultivate a safer driving culture. It also helps reduce the overall impact of distracted driving on road safety.

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